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Getting Connected to Outpatient Care

We thank you for choosing us as your medical home. Our referrals team is here to direct you to an
internal or local specialist.

(909) 382-7100, Option 2 for patient updates


English Q ext. 5029

Spanish Q ext. 5030


to your MyChart account to view your referral letter in the Main Menu.

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SAC Health partners with you for your patients’ medical needs. We’re here to guide you through our simple referral and authorization process.

If you need help making patient appointments at SAC Health, please call the Appointment Center at 909-382-7100

Referring Providers

Referral & Authorization Process


For the most efficient processing, referrals and authorizations should include:

Patient demographics, including patient name, date of birth, contact phone number, address and sex.

Patient’s insurance information.

Referring physician and group or facility name

Department the patient is being referred to

All relevant clinical documentation


Procedure code(s)

Valid dates for the authorization

Sending Referrals or Authorizations

For your convenience, referrals and authorizations can be sent in several ways via Email or Fax.



Fax: 909-382-7115

For Post Discharge appointments, email

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