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SAC Health - Misión de Rescate del Valle de Coachella - Médico

Oficina administrativa

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SAC Health - Coachella Valley Rescue Mission - Medical

Horas de operación

Our accounting services include aiding clients with setting up and maintaining computerized or manual accounting systems. We can print payroll checks, calculate required payroll tax deposits, and prepare payroll tax reports. Also, we  prepare sales tax and miscellaneous tax reports as required.

Nuestros servicios

Family Medicine, Women's Health, Internal Medicine and Adult Specialties, Dental, Pediatrics and Pediatric Specialties, Health, Behavior, and Wellness Center, Surgical Specialties, Community Resource Center


Our consulting services are for clients interested in starting a new business, or desiring to improve an existing business. We will sit down with you to determine which business entity is the right fit for you. We also can help you get your Federal & State ID#'s

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Tratamientos y Servicios

Qué hacemos

Capacitamos a nuestros pacientes y sus familias para que vivan vidas vibrantes y saludables a través de una atención excepcional y culturalmente receptiva.

Medicina Familiar

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​Tus donaciones hacen posible que nuestras comunidades sean cada día más saludables.

​¡Dona hoy!

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