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Testament to our continued commitment

Here is a testament to our continued commitment to our mission - We heard of a grandmother who called at 6:30 pm last week Thursday, the 2nd of April. She was crying on the phone, asking for COVID-19 testing for 4 members of her family. She had gone to the ED for testing but it wasn’t available. She was told to follow up with her primary care doctor but they were closed. She had called multiple other clinics but no one was doing testing. And finally when she called SAC Health and she was so relieved that we could evaluate her and her family for testing. At least 2 of them qualified for testing and we were able to give them their results on April 7th. Without SAC Health this family would have been at a loss. SAC Health is grateful for being of continued service to our community and patients. Further updates:

County of Riverside has issued a mandatory use of masks for everyone when they leave their homes. They are also requesting that folks limit their travel. Southern California has not done a good job on limiting movement since Governor Newsome issued a stay at home order on March 19. According to Unacast. Riverside county gets a D grade and San Bernardino county an F grade on limiting movement. Counties with less movement have less cases and deaths so there is a direct correlation. So in order to contribute to this, SAC Health is working to double the amount of employees that are working from home.

California numbers are starting to potentially show a true flattening of the curve as cases seem to have stabilized. Let’s pray that these early signs are accurate and things will continue to improve.

SAC Health has done 280 COVID-19 tests via our drive-thru testing which moved to the awning in front of SBC due to the rain but will move back to the parking lot when the weather improves. We are receiving results in about 2-3 days. We have had 5 positive results (around a 2% positive rate) which makes sense since our population is outpatient. Our county is around an 8% positive rate. Any area with 10% positive rate is considered to be doing ok. There are some areas of the country with 35% positive rates. Testing continues to be critical to flattening the curve and SAC Health is able to test any of the 1.2 million IEHP members who may need testing. They just need to call our SAC Health COVID-19 hotline 909-771-2911.

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